5 Essential Spring Roof Maintenance Tips

Maintenance Tips for your Roof at Spring.

Roof maintenance is often ignored by many homeowners. Because they don’t walk over or through their roof every day, they don’t think to check it. That’s why we have to make it a point to deliberately check our roofs regularly.
Now that that the seasons are changing again, this is a good time to talk about roof maintenance. Here is some springtime tip to ensure your roof is strong and healthy.

1. Clean out your gutters – Even during winter, debris and leaves and blow into your gutters and clog them up. Gutters divert water away from your roof, so you want me to make sure this path is clear, otherwise, that water will seep into your home. Don’t use a hose to flush them out, because this can push debris into the downspouts and clog them.

Leaves in gutters.
Leaves in gutters.

2. Look for damage – Once the roof is 100% clear or snow and ice, get up there (safely) and give it a once-over. Look for broken or missing shingles, or damage on the flashing, chimney, vents, etc. Take a good look and note anything that doesn’t look right.

3. Rinse your solar panels – If you have solar panels on your roof, they probably just need a gentle clean in spring. They do not have to be scrubbed but make sure they are running at peak efficiency by hosing off any debris or dirt. Even though your panels are extremely durable, I do not recommend standing on them.

4. Look for fungus, algae or mold – While you’re inspecting your roof, keep an eye out for invaders that will eventually make their way into your home. Fungus and algae can grow on the outside and can be treated with zinc. The mold would be on the inside in your attic and must be removed by trained professionals.

5. Trim branches that hang over your roof – The weight of snow plus the weakness of trees during the winter can make branches sag and compromise the internal structure of trees. If you have any trees that hang near your home, make sure they aren’t in danger of falling. Trim off any branches that hang over your roof because these can only cause problems later on.

If you have any concerns about the integrity of your roof, now is still a good time to speak to Tremco at (012) 349 7687.

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