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Roof repairs on a badly neglected IBR flat roof – The Reeds


When buying a house people tend to think that roof repairs and general maintenance on the property will not be needed. When a flat IBR zinc roof is badly neglected it may need replacing of the roof. On the other hand, it may just be possible to repair it.


Because the roof was since the construction of the property were never painted the consultant reported that on close inspection that it was badly rusted. Fasteners worked themselves loose and it might even be that the roof structure was compromised. The roof sheets (IBR plates) were badly rusted as a result that the roof was never painted and after years of rain, started to rust and fascia boards were missing.


Roof repairs on a badly neglected roof are very challenging because problems seem to jump at you one after the other. It’s possible that the rust on the roof may be worse than expected and the wooden structure could be damaged because of the fasteners that worked themselves loose.

Possible outcome

With loose fasteners, openings that form will let water into the roof.  The accumulation of damp will compromise the ceiling boards and electrical wiring inside as well as the growth of mould. The mould that is growing inside the roof (all because of the moisture) will lend to medical consequences, the imploding of the roof and eventually the building will be at risk.


All rust must be removed and fasteners replaced where necessary  If any of the roofing timber got damaged it needs to be replaced and strengthened. IBR plates that could not be saved must be replaced. Apply a coat of rust repellent paint (also called Anti Rust paint) to the whole roof and not just the affected areas. Waterproofing can now be applied in fasteners, joints and plumbers’ vents. Paint the roof with a coat of UV resistant paint.

Decision with customer/owner

The owner gave permission to carry on.

Work was done

Thoroughly cleaning and removing all surface rust from the roof. Repair roof structure by replacing and strengthening of the timber. Replace the fasteners where necessary. Apply rust repellent paint in order to stop rust from reappearing. Waterproof each and every fastener as well as all joints and plumbers vents with a waterproofing membrane. Apply a couple of layers of UV resistant paint to finish the whole process.


The roof was saved and came out perfect. It will definitely withstand the weather for quite some time. A well-executed plan always leads to a better than expected result.

Loose fastener flat IBR roof
Loose fastener flat IBR roof
Rusted flat IBR roof
Rusted flat IBR roof
Roof repairs, waterproofed and painted flat IBR roof
Roof repairs, waterproofed and painted flat IBR roof

Roof repairs flat IBR roof
Roof repairs flat IBR roof


When the roof was thoroughly cleaned and de-rusted it was apparent that there was still some life in it. Completing the removal of the rust, waterproofing and painting the roof with UV repellent paint showed a new face of the property. The owner can rest assured that it is good to go for a long time. The occupants can now enjoy the residence and feel safe under a properly maintained roof.

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